Sister-organization CES: international experience is important


Magazine EhitusEST, june

The magazine EhitusEST published an article about CES, E-Betoonelement sister-organization belonging to the Consolis group, which, like E-Betoonelement, is looking for designers to its team. What are the opportunities for working in an international group? How to apply engineering knowledge and create persisting value at a professional level?

Manager of CES AS, Kaspar Ots: “In Estonia, we want to be an organization of satisfied specialists with whom people want to work. Why? Because they know that here we provide good conditions as well as they can apply engineering knowledge using modern tools professionally. You should visit CES and E-Betoonelement if you want to handle prefabricated iron concrete elements and become a professional in your field."

Kaspar Ots, Head of AS CES. Photo: Raul Mee

How do you use BIM's opportunities in your profession?

“I believe that BIM is misinterpreted in Estonia. Building Information Model focuses more on building and modeling and little focus is on the middle part - information.

Consolise's development plans also include the deployment of a 5D BIM for the entire service cycle from preparing an offer, designing, production to building the facility. The 5D BIM model design gives the manufacturer and contractor a good overview of the timeline and future cost of the project,“ Kaspar says.

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