Rebane: building materials first half of the year will not create certainty yet


Construction companies have seen the foreseeable second half of the year as a minus sign, even if viewed from the side of building materials manufacturers, it seems that the results may be lower than in the previous year. Positive is the export.

In the second quarter of 2013, the production of building materials has remained at the level of the previous year. The half-year is, on the whole, upside down, but at the expense of the first quarter.

About exports, producers of concrete elements have once again been able to find new opportunities to enter the Scandinavian market with their products.

In the first half of the year, the sales turnover of building materials from companies belonging to the Estonian Building Materials Manufacturers Association grew by about 6% to EUR 183 million.

The product groups have different results. Road construction, especially the Tartu-Tallinn highway, has greatly supported the increase in sales of sand. At the same time, the sale of crushed stone is in a small minus.

Exports grew slightly

In the first half of 2013, production was exported for 70 million euro, a bit more than last year.

Most of the output is exported by hole fill producers in Metus-Est and AS Saajos, as well as by manufacturers of concrete elements, AS Lasbet Tootmine and AS Muuga Betoonelement.

More than half of the production was exported from AS Fenestra, AS Saku Metall Uksetehas, OÜ T-Tammer, AS Malmerk Fassaadid and Viking Window, manufacturer of concrete elements AS TMB, limestone products manufacturer AS Nordkalk, manufacturers of aerated concrete products AS Aeroc Jämerä and OÜ VKG Plokk, roof tile supplier OÜ Monier and plastic pipe manufacturer AS Haka Plast.

According to the turnover of enterprises (6 months of 2013, million euros)

The biggest turnover, as well as the biggest export turnover, is Krimelte OÜ, a producer of joint-sealers and building foams.

1. Krimelte OÜ 31,1

2. AS Pipelife Eesti 13

3. AS Saint-Gobain Ehitustooted 11

4. AS Nordkalk 10

5. AS Rudus 9,8

6. AS Metus-Est 8,8

7. AS E-Betoonelement 7,8

8. AS TMB 7,6

9. AS Viking Window 5,4

10. AS Muuga Betoonelement 5,3

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