Element building to be completed in the Allika Industrial Park – Warehouse hotel

Allika Industrial Park developed by Harju Elekter AS will include two new element buildings – Stera production facility and Laohotell.

  • Stera production building and Warehouse hotel
  • Address: Allika Industrial Park, Angerja Street
  • Customer: Harju Elekter AS
  • Services: design, manufacturing, transport and assembly of an element solution
  • Products: hollow core panels, posts, beams and wall elements
  • Project Manager of E-Betoonelement: Toomas Böttcher

The project manager of E-Betoonelement Toomas Böttcer“Two new element buildings – Laohotell and Stera production facility – will soon be erected in the Allika Industrial Park located a few kilometers from us. We have already started the assembly work on Laohotell, and deliveries for the Stera production facility will commence in October.
The exterior finish of the buildings will alternately make use of elements with a brightly coloured and natural r/b mould surface, which creates a unique appearance for the production buildings and distinguishes them from the rest. Additionally, two facades of the Laohotell will be covered with solar panels in order to keep the energy costs of the building low and make it environmentally friendly.
We have already completed one element building in the Allika Industrial Park in cooperation with Harju Elekter AS – Eccuale. This cooperation left us with a positive experience that encourages us to continue with new projects.”

E-Betoonelement’s contracts will expire at the end of this year; the buildings are to be completed in 2017.