More extensive and flexible use of space – with our 500 mm hollow core slabs


There is an increasing demand for buildings that are spacious and allow for more liberal layout of inside spaces, matched by construction efforts. Rooms that are light and convey the impression of openness will create pleasant atmosphere and give better work results.

The range of roof and overhead ceiling products of E-Betoonelement includes hollow panels with the height of 500 mm, which allow to design buildings with maximum spans of 20 metres and this will offer more diversified room planning, layout and design opportunities.

Senini suurima kõrgusega 400 mm õõnespaneel võimaldab maksimaalselt saavutada kuni 15 m pikkuseid sildeid - 500 mm kõrgune paneel katab aga kuni 20 m pikkuse ava. Seda tüüpi õõnespaneeli eeliseks on saleda ristlõike juures ka suuremad lubatavad koormused. Lisaks ei vaja õõnespaneel erilist viimistlemist ja seda on lihtne paigaldada.

500 mm hollow panels make a perfect choice for buildings where big free spaces will be required and/or characterised by heavy loads, e.g. office and warehouse buildings.

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