There is an increasing demand for buildings that are spacious and allow for more liberal layout of inside spaces, matched by construction efforts. Rooms that are light and convey the impression of openness will create pleasant atmosphere and give better work results.

The range of roof and overhead ceiling products of E-Betoonelement includes hollow panels with the height of 500 mm, which allow to design buildings with maximum spans of 20 metres and this will offer more diversified room planning, layout and design opportunities.

The hollow panels with the maximum height of 400 mm, which was available until now, allowed for maximum spans of 15 metres, while the 500 mm panel can be used to be fitted over the maximum spans of 20 m. This type of hollow panel also enjoys the benefit of higher maximum workloads, despite limited cross-section. Hollow panels are also easy to install and won’t require special finish.

500 mm hollow panels make a perfect choice for buildings where big free spaces will be required and/or characterised by heavy loads, e.g. office and warehouse buildings.

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