MetaPrint extension will be completed in summer


This summer, E-Betoonelement will manufacture, deliver and assemble the elements for the extension of the already existing MetaPrint production and storage facility in Pärnu.

Object: Extension of MetaPrint
Address: Savi 14b, Pärnu county
Customer: Eston Ehitus AS
Contracting by AS E-Betoonelement: elements, transport and assembly
Project Manager: Toomas Böttcher

E-Betoonelement’s project manager Toomas Böttcher: “E-Betoonelement has previously manufactured three production sites for AS MetaPrint, two of those in Tallinn and one in Pärnu. The current project consists of expanding the Pärnu unit. Of products, we are delivering hollow core panels, posts and triple-layered wall elements to the site.”

The existing MetaPrint production and storage facility in Pärnu

MetaPrint production and storage facilities are based on the Basic hall™ solution, which has several advantages such as quick set up time, security, less posts on the usable space inside the building, and good indoor climate both in the summer and in the winter.

The delivery and assembly work carried out by E-Betoonelement takes place in July of this year.

AS MetaPrint valmistab aerosoolpudeleid ja trükitud plekki. 

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