The segment tunnel solution for the Lilleküla pedestrian underpass has been used for the first time in Estonia and the Baltic states. The last element of the underpass was installed at midday yesterday. Two interruptions to rail traffic, made for the installation of the Lilleküla pedestrian underpass, lasted each less than 42 hours. The underpass ensures safe pedestrian traffic.

It was essential to carry out the installation works, as soon as possible, as there are four busy railway tracks above the underpass. Therefore, the construction works have been divided into two stages, the construction of both had to be carried out from zero up to restoration of the train traffic within 42 hours. The works covered the dismounting of the railway track, digging and the construction of the underpass, drainage, sewerage, electrical work, backfill and the restoration of the railway track. The internal dimensions of the underpass structure are 3,5 x 2,5 m. The segments are basically short parts of the underpass that are mounted at the site and then post-tensioned. The element part of the 1st stage of the underpass was completed within 11 hours and the 2nd stage within 12 hours. SIA RBSSKALS Būvsabiedrība Estonian Branch has ordered E-Betoonelement contracting.

„This solution is the first of its kind in Estonia and overall in the Baltics. The main advantages of the solution are the speed of construction and immediate bearing strength of the underpass that enables to diminish traffic obstructions or diversion. Manufacturing elements at the factory avoids dependence on weather conditions and ensures clean and safe site,“ commented Kairet Luiga, the Manager of Infrastructure Products.