Leosk: payment of taxes continue to be a problem in construction


According to Vaido Leosk, head of AS E-Betoonelement, there was an expectation of a rise in prices. On the other hand, he is surprised to find that the wages did not rise statistically. According to Leosk, this refers to unpaid taxes.

"The rise in construction prices is not surprising in itself. Construction has grown significantly in 2012, and in terms of rapid growth, the price increase is logical, as demand for the resource is increasing, "said Leosk.

According to him, the salary was influenced by continued operation of many skilled construction workers in foreign markets, while also the rapid growth of renovation work financed by the sale of CO2 quotas and the fixed maturity of the subsidy.

Rather, it makes him wonder that the wage increase was statistically so small, especially in renovation work. "This shows that there is still a problem with the payment of taxes in the construction sector," said Leosk.

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