Airport harbour portfell upgraded with the title of Concrete building of the year

15/03/2013 The Airport harbour opened last year has won several awards. This week, two awards were added to the Airport - a concrete construction of the year and a marketing mix of the year.

On the concrete day on March 14, the Estonian Concrete Association recognized the winners of the "Concrete Building 2012" contest.

The reconstruction of hangars for airplanes in Tallinn was announced as a concrete building of the year.

Designers Karl Õiger and Heiki Onton were recognized as the main prize for the competition. The commissioner's award went to the Estonian Maritime Museum and the Architecture Prize went to KOKO Architects OÜ.

The hangar for airplanes was designed and built between 1915 and 1917 by the Danish company Christian & Nielsen, at that time in the Mines Harbor.

One of the major challenges of the reconstruction efforts was the filling of cracks in the hangars' domes - the total length of the dangerous cracks in the structure was measured to be 3.6 kilometers.

"In this reconstruction work, innovation is more than in many new buildings.

According to the chairman of the jury, Aadu Kana, the experts call the reconstruction of the hangar's restoration process as the hangars were virtually completely refurbished in 95 years and their condition was very poor.

"One of the leaders in the unprecedented reconstruction process under our circumstances was Professor Karl Õiger of Tallinn University of Technology, who has been involved in the acquisition and development of aviation harbor for 11 years," Kana said.

The competition was also awarded a special prize worthy of recognition for the architectural concept of the Narva College Building of the University of Tartu (Architectural Bureau Kavakava OÜ: Siiri Vallner, Indrek Peil, Katrin Koov).

The jury recognised the project as a building that promotes concrete in the best way. "It is a world-class architectural concept that is cleanly consistent to the end. The entire building is very concrete-based, and the interior also shows off concrete well. It is an excellent example of a building where concrete serves architecture," the jury noted.

The jury of the "Concrete building of the Year 2012" competition included representatives from Estonian Construction Association: Estonian Concrete Association - Johannes Pello, Estonian Architects Union - Ralf Lõoke, Estonian Construction Entrepreneurs Association - Indrek Peterson, Estonian Construction Engineers Association - Heiki Meos, Estonian Building Materials Manufacturers Association - Enno Rebane, Estonian Project Offices Union - Andres Saar, Aadu Kana, chairman of the jury, as well as representatives of construction journalists - Eva Kiisler from the magazine "Ehitaja", Liivi Tamm from the newspaper Äripäev and the Finnish architect Maritta Koivisto from Betoni.

The Estonian Concrete Association is a union that promotes the use of concrete as a building material for domestic use, which includes 49 enterprises, organizations and private individuals.

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