Rivo Veski, www.tallinnapostimees.ee

Rivo Veski, www.tallinnapostimees.ee This afternoon, an unexpected view of the Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA) opens: at the midnight a concrete slab with concrete panels arrives at the platform, and two cranes spread their girths to raise a 50-meter STT-panels TABLE. After the opening, the table is painted and the benches are set up.

Opening Friday night on Thursday night, i.e., on the 10th of May at 00.00.

Gallery TABLE is a city project of the Kumu Art Museum exhibition "Garden Inspection" in the center of Tallinn. Instead of a gallery with a traditional white wall, it marks a space of 50 meters in length, which is "covered" with different events during the summer.

The location on the EKA site activates the city center with an empty park area and creates alternative ways for organizing art events and other events.

TABLE offers direct art experience to the scene - this is a meeting and convention place where workshops, exhibitions, performances, film and music events, picnics and parties take place.

The gallery and the venue will remain open until September 9.

The initiators and project leaders of the project are Eve Arpo and Grete Veskiväli from You Must relax. Contributors: Lauri Eltermaa, Joel Kopli, Koit Ojaliiv, Juhan Rohtla, Ahti Grünberg and Tõnis Kalve. The soundtrack is created by Taavi Tulev.