University of Tartu Narva College won the special prize for the architect at the Concrete Building of the Year 2012 contest


The special prize at the Concrete Building of the Year 2012 for architectural concept was awarded to the University of Tartu Narva College, architects Siiri Vallner, Indrek Peil and Katrin Koov from the architectural bureau Kavakava OÜ. The building's unique façade imitates the baroque façade of a stock exchange building in negative that once stood in the same place.

The jury recognised the project as a building that promotes concrete in the best way. "It is a world-class architectural concept that is cleanly consistent to the end. The entire building is very concrete-based, and the interior also shows off concrete well. It is an excellent example of a building where concrete serves architecture," the jury noted.

Customer: University of Tartu
Constructor: chief constructor of the building Ehitusekspertiisibüroo OÜ, constructor of the pre-cast façade AS E-Betoonelement.
Builder: AS YIT Ehitus
Pre-cast façade elements: AS E-Betoonelement

Narva College
University of Tartu, Narva College

Special prize: University of Tartu Narva College

The main prize of the Concrete Building of the Year 2012 contest was awarded to constructors Karl Õiger and Heiki Onton for reconstructing the concrete structures of the seaplane hangar at the Tallinn Seaplane Harbour. Prize for the contracting entity - to the Estonian Maritime Museum and prize for the architect - to KOKO Architects: Raivo Kotov, Andrus Kõresaar. Built by Nordecon and concrete was poured by Sika Baltic SIA Estonian branch and Rudus AS

The jury of the Concrete Building of the Year 2012 comprised representatives of Estonian building associations, journalists and Finnish architect Maritta Koivisto.

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