E-Betoonelement's deliveries for the construction stage IV of the Rocca al Mare Shopping Center began this week


Object: Expansion of the Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre, IV stage
Address: Paldiski mnt 102, Tallinn
Architects: Meeli Truu and Maike Heido, AS Nord Projekt
Contracting entity: Nordecon AS
AS E-Betoonelement's contracting: design, elements and transport
Sales Engineer: Neeme Kasela
Project Manager: Toomas Böttcher

AS E-Betoonelement entered into a contract with AS Nordecon to design and deliver reinforced concrete elements for the expansion of the Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre. First elements arrived at the object at the start of this week.

The expansion gives Rocca al Mare Shopping centre nearly 3700 mwhich comes at the expense of the loading area for goods in the back yard. The space to be built will be two storeys high like the part of the centre that has already been reconstructed and expanded.

E-Betoonelement delivers hollow core slabs, posts, beams and wall elements for the expansion of the centre. The deliveries will last until the end of March. The expansion will be completed in the summer of 2013.

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