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BIMsummit Estonia, Estonia’s largest conference focusing on BIM and digital construction, will take place for the fifth time on 7-8 September at the Club of Different Rooms. The first day of the conference focuses on INFRA construction and the second day on BUILDING construction. Among the speakers of the second day, Morten Kaasik, head of the design technology platform of the Consolis Group, and Erik Prits, the development engineer of the Consolis Group, will have their presentations.

Erik Prits started out at E-Betoonelement as a designer in 2015. Since 2019, he has been involved in BIM development activities at Consolis Baltic Unit and as a product owner of Consolis Tekla environment at the group level. He is interested in combining data from different sources into a single comprehensive information model.

Morten Kaasik has worked at Consolis Group for 7 years in various roles, such as BIM modeler, project and team manager, product owner, and today he leads the development of the design technology platform. He is inspired by possibilities of changing patterns of thinking, as well as new technologies and making decisions based on data. He sees technology as an integral part of design and construction and believes that the field will be driven forward by both a change in mindset and the development of technology and software companies.

Morten Kaasik and Erik Prits will speak at the BIMsummit conference on the topic: How does design affect the productivity of the value chain?

  • Design determines 80% of the project cost and is related to the entire project value chain - sales, production, planning, supply chain management.
  • Consolis group is developing a design technology platform - what is it like and how does it support production and assembly?
  • In addition, practical examples of how calendar-based schedule or factory ERP program data help improve Tekla's information model.

In addition to Consolis specialists, BIMsummit will present several big names in the field, who will share their experiences on how to build smarter, more informed and more resource-efficient.

BIMsummit will present most current topics in the field and cover most interesting experience stories. The goal of the conference organizers is to inspire clients, general contractors and designers through the experience of practitioners.

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