The Estonian Concrete Association is organising for the first time a training course on cast-in-situ concrete piles.

The training “Construction, calculation and design of cast-in-situ concrete piles" will be held on November 13 at Tallinn Construction School.

 The training course is targeted to construction designers, builders, supervisory engineers and concrete manufacturers.


10.30 Registration and morning coffee

11.00 Introduction
Classification, terminology and definitions of cast-in-situ piles
Clarification of the problem with cast-in-situ piles made without reinforcement Chaired by: Riho Pras

11.20 Practice of cast-in-situ piles construction in Estonia
Technical capabilities of cast-in-situ piles
Displacement piles.
Work platform requirements for a drilling machine Veikko Vapper

Kelly-drilled bored piles. Casing-supported borehole, clay-based solution insulated borehole, use of an oscillator.
Advantages and disadvantages of the method. On materials. Kristjan Jassik

CFA piles, bored pile retaining walls, by using CCFA method.
Advantages and disadvantages of different methods. On materials.
Pile load tests.
Experience in geological engineering surveys.
Pile integrity testing. Martin Vaga

12.50 Lunch

13.50 Strength of concrete at cast-in-situ piles
Margin factors and resulting computational strength.
Real-time evolution of concrete strength. Peeter Paane and Riho Oras

14.10 Geological engineering surveys
Geological engineering surveys to calculate the pile load capacity and the volume of surveys required. Pile geotechnical capacity calculation. Lehar Leetsaar

14.40 Calculation and design of cast-in-situ piles
Calculation and design of cast-in-situ piles as concrete elements according to EVS-EN 1992 1-1 “Eurocode 2: Design of concrete structures” Johannes Pello

15.40 Discussion, suggestions for further action

16.00 End of the training

Participants of the training will receive a certificate with 5.0 TPs (points of advanced training). Free lunch at the school canteen and parking at the school's parking lot, as long as there are places available.

Participation requires registration by 7 October, 2019.  Please send your registration form (that can be found the e-mail address

Participation fee: 65 €, for the members of the Estonian Concrete Association: 45 €VAT will be added to the price.

Additional information:
Phone: 648 1918