Installation work on the Raikküla farm's silo to begin next week


The CABRO unit of E-Betoonelement will begin the installation work of the Raikküla silo next week. The work is commissioned by our long-time customer Järvakandi Farmer OÜ, for whom we have previously built five Acontank™ tanks.

E-Betonelement's CABRO™ unit manager Kaido Kindel: "The CABRO team's installation work on the Raikküla silo will start next week. Our customer is Järvakandi Farmer OÜ, and we have previously built five Acontank™ tanks of different sizes for their dairy farm. The silo to be built is a 4-section silo with a capacity of 11,000 m3.

Customers prefer the silos built by the CABRO team because they offer complete solutions. Our work includes consultation, technical solution, preparatory work, installation, construction of the silage leachate collection system and post-erecting protective coating of silo walls with bitumen.

The warm summer period is the busiest time for the CABRO team, because this is when we build the most silos and liquid manure tanks for farmers."

Watch below a short video of the construction of the Kärla silo that was completed last year:

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References are available HERE.

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