The book „Eesti betoonehituse ajalugu“ (History of Concrete Construction in Estonia) was published

22/12/2014, Mari Kartau

The Estonian Concrete Association presented the book "Eesti betoonehituse ajalugu". The publication gives an overview of the history of the concrete industry and concrete construction in Estonia.
The book is divided into four periods - the tsarist era, the Republic of Estonia, Soviet Estonia, the re-independent Estonia. At the end of each period there is a separate section dedicated to this period.

The book was composed by Toomas Kään. There are several authors: The author of parts I, II and III is historian Uno Trumm, the author of parts III and IV is journalist Paavo Kangur and the author of architectural chapters at the end of each four parts is the construction historian Maris Mändel.

The book "Estonian History of Concrete Construction" was published by the communication company In Nomine at the request of the Estonian Concrete Association. The book was funded by 24 Estonian concrete and construction companies.

The Estonian Concrete Association is a union that promotes the use of concrete as a domestic building material, which includes 48 companies, organizations and private individuals.

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