Harju Elu, September 2019

E-Betoonelement, a member of Consolis Group uniting leading concrete solution providers in Europe, provides world-class building solutions here in Estonia as well as in Scandinavia. The company has delivered several outstanding projects on the Estonian market, such as Harju County Court, Road Museum, Ülemiste, Rocca al Mare, Kristiine shopping centres and Mall of Tallinn T1, as well as several production buildings and complete apartment building solutions such as Pöörise, Järve Towers, Toom-Kuninga, etc.

E-Betoonelement was determined to offer the best construction solutions which prompted the company to strengthen its selection of facade finishes. For this purpose, the company invested in the Harku plant by purchasing a fully automatic grinding line for the production of treated surfaces. The new fully automated production line combines the best technology available on the market and allows for the production of a variety of exclusive surface finishes such as terrazzo, brushed, hammer-brushed and scored concrete. In addition to the top wall surfaces, the machine is able to process the edges of elements as well as the edges of the elements' openings. Curved and corrugated surfaces are also an option.

Do you also need new specialists for the new production line?

Alar Salum, Consolis Baltic Unit manager:“Yes, we are always looking for new staff members who prefer work that involves physical activity - at the factory we currently need concrete element makers and finishers. We offer jobs in an international company that ensures job security, and we also provide personal event and sports perks."

Do you have any vacancies in the office?

Alar Salum: "Yes, we do. We are looking for structural designers. As we provide full-service concrete element solutions, our staff has a unique opportunity to see the drawings and how drawings turn into real elements and real buildings. New designers who are interested in using world-class software such as Tekla and BIM are very welcome in our office. All engineers are provided with knowledge and experience in the field of cutting-edge concrete elements manufacture. I see a great potential in the Baltics and we want to take advantage of the best practices of all our units in the region, from engineering to manufacturing and export activities."

What should new employees know about the work environment and safety in your company?

Alar Salum: “Consolis companies around the world, such as E-Betoonelement here in Estonia, pay great attention to safety and environmental issues. We are constantly working on safety programs and once a year we organize a safety day focusing solely on safety issues. In fact, there have been no occupational accidents at the Harku plant for over a year. We also do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint - for example, we built a water treatment plant for a new facade production line to recycle the used water. All these initiatives and improvements enable us to be an innovative and quality oriented company. All talented people are welcome to join us!"