Today, on 30 June, the outdoor area of the Estonian Road Museum, “Teeaeg”, will be opened. In the outdoor area, graphic concrete elements made by E-Betoonelement will illustrate a road running through history. It is an extraordinary exhibition environment in the open air which, in addition to introducing the history of traffic and roads, also offers an opportunity for traffic education and recreation.

When entering the “Teeaeg”, visitors will first see traffic and settlement signs that have changed throughout time and the mid-truss of the oldest road bridge (Vati) in Estonia. When moving onwards, visitors will enter a fascinating underground architectural environment, a historic road space where it is possible to move back in time and perceive the atmosphere of different eras. There are also children’s attractions and a picnic ground in the recreation area.

The architectural concept of the “Teeaeg” was prepared in the architectural bureau Salto and the exposition project in the design studio Laika, Belka & Strelka.

The total cost of the development of the Road Museum was EEK 47 million, whereas about EEK 40 million was covered by the European Regional Development Fund.

Estonian Road museum

A woman’s statue perpetuated on graphic concrete

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