Photo: Maris Tomba

Today, the Estonian Concrete Association announced the winners of the competition “Concrete Building of the Year 2019”. The Concrete Building of the Year is the building of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences.

The main prize, architecture Arhitekt11 OÜ.
Contractor Award: Sisekaitseakadeemia
Constructor Award: Engineer Project OÜ
Construction Award: Nordecon AS
Concrete Works Award: ERI-Ehitustööd OÜ
Concrete Elements Award: Framm AS
Owner Supervision Award: Tallinna Linnaehituse AS.

In addition to the above-mentioned prizes, many special prizes were awarded.

Special Award for Concrete Works – the reconstruction of the Gas Tower of the Culture Boiler .
Concrete works Evocon Grupp OÜ.
Special Award for the Client  Vahtra Big Farm. Client Weiss OÜ
Special Award of (Äripäev) was given to the owner of Tartu Vikerkaare 15 - R.E.R.  Ehitus OÜ, main extractor and concrete contractor. 
Special award from the Estonian Association of Civil Engineers was given to the designer of Maakri 19/21 business quarter. Neoprojekt OÜ.

See a short video about the new building of Estonian Academy of Security Sciences:

Photo galleries of the awarded entries can be downloaded from here.

Additional information:
Aadu Kana, Concrete Building of the Year Awards 2019, Chairman of the Jury
Honorary Member of the Estonian Concrete Association
Phone: 50 49 477

Toomas Vainola, Executive Director of the Concrete Association of Estonia
Phone: 50 36 650; 648 1918; e-mail:

Enno Rebane,Managing Director of the Estonian Building Materials Manufacturers Association
Phone: 51 82 662; 648 1918; e-mail: