EXPORTS OF BUILDING MATERIALS increased all time biggest


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In the first quarter of this year, the enterprises of the Estonian Building Materials Manufacturers Association increased to 29.7 million euros, which is the largest volume ever.

Compared to the first quarter of last year, construction materials exports grew by 21%, or nearly 5 million more than last year.

More than a quarter of sales have been made by sellers of insulation materials, concrete mixtures, sand and crushed stone.

Manufacturers of concrete elements from AS Muuga Betoonelement and AS TMB look out for good export performance. AS Lasbet Tootmine and AS Betoneks also exported a significant part of the concrete elements.

More than half of the production was exported by manufacturers: AS Fenestra AS Viking Window, limestone products AS Nordkalk, aerated concrete products manufacturer AS Aeroc, Ltd. Monier roof tiles supplier and manufacturer of plastic pipes Haka Plast AS.

Building Materials Manufacturers TOP 10
Turnover for the first quarter of 2012, million euros

1. Krimelte OÜ 12,1
2. AS Pipelife Eesti 5,4
3. AS Saint-Gobain Ehitustooted 4,5
4. AS E-Betoonelement 4,4
5. AS Saku Metall 4,1
6. AS Nordkalk 3,7
7. AS TMB 3,0
8. AS Rudus 2,7
9. AS Viking Window 2,3
10. AS Metus-Est 2,1

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