Today, on the Concrete Day, the title of the winner of the Concrete Building of the Year 2014 competition went to Tondiraba Ice Hall, the concrete elements of which were designed and delivered by E-Betoonelement AS.

Concrete Building of the Year 2014 – Tondiraba Ice Hall 

  • First prize at the competition – Kadarik Tüür Arhitektid OÜ
  • Customer’s prize – Tallinn Sports and Youth Department
  • Constructor’s prize – Civen OÜ, Novarc Group AS
  • Construction and Concrete Works – Merko Ehitus Eesti AS;
  • Concrete prize – E-Betoonelement AS, Rudus AS, HC Betoon AS Rudus AS, HC Betoon AS;
  • Formwork prize – Peri AS

For creating an architecturally simple and pleasing and structurally complex building that widely uses concrete by way of smooth and constructive cooperation.

Comment from the jury: “Aesthetically pleasing, structurally complex sports arena with multifunctional applications that stands out among Nordic ice arenas for its greater emphasis on design.”
Chairman of the Jury Aadu Kana: We were pleased to see versatile use of concrete and the excellent quality of concrete work. The marriage of concrete and timber is particularly successful in this building.” 

Foto: Tondiraba Jäähall,

  • Special prize for architecture – Arhitektuuribüroo Studio-3 OÜ – for the building of the Embassy of the Republic of Estonia, Beijing, People’s Republic of China
  • Special prize for architecture and builder – parking garage in Ülemiste City, Valukoja 4C – Architecture: Novarc Group AS, Ilmar
  • Klammer and Builder: Nordecon Betoon OÜ
  • Special prize for the customer: Lauri Tuulberg – flat in Tallinn, Kosemetsa tee 11
  • Special price of the magazine Ehitaja – TMB Element OÜ: High-quality concrete elements of the Physicum building of the University of Tartu

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05.08.2013 AS E-Betoonelement designs and delivers the elements of Tondiraba ice arena