E-Betoonelement has entered two projects for the Concrete Building of the Year competition


E-Betoonelement submitted two projects - Kadaka Forest Park and Mary Kay Music Studio - to the Concrete Builging of the Year 2021 competition organized by the Estonian Concrete Association and the Estonian Building Materials Manufacturers Association.

Kadaka Metsapark – Four apartment buildings at the addresses Ehitajate tee 91/1 and 91/2 and Kadaka tee 141 and 141a.
Developer: Hepsor AS
Architect: Inseneribüroo Pluss OÜ
Designer: Pikoprojekt OÜ
Builder / General Contractor: Mitt & Perlebach OÜ
Concrete contractor: ERI-Ehitustööd OÜ, Astor Invest OÜ
Concrete elements: E-Betoonelement OÜ, Narva-Bark AS, SIA Consolis Elements, SIA Consolis Latvia

Justification for the proposal:
 The Kadaka Forest Park development next to the largest park forest in Mustamäe district consists of cozy and energy-efficient apartment buildings based on element solutions. The buildings are designed for young people and families who love nature but also appreciate the comforts of a large city.

See more photos here.

Mary Kay Music Studio
Architect: Krook & Tjäder
Betoonelemendid: Consolis ettevõtted Strängbetong AB ja E-Betoonelement OÜ

Justification for the proposal: 
Mary Kay Musikstudio in Sweden was completed in cooperation with Consolis companies Strängbetong AB and E-Betoonelement OÜ. The music studio owes its beautiful and unique look to the automated concrete element finishing line used in the E-Betoonelement Harku factory. The production line that uses cutting-edge technology allowed us to produce polished and sleek wall elements for the building, as well as various structural surfaces.

See more photos here.

The winner will be announced on the Estonian Concrete Day in March 2022.

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