E-Betooneelement supplies the elements for the heavy weapons workshop of the Defense Forces


E-Betoonelement OÜ and Revin Grupp OÜ signed a cooperation agreement for the construction supplies of the heavy weapons workshop in the Tapa Army Base. This is an order from the National Defense Investment Center, and the workshop building is to be completed in the second half of this year.

Project: heavy weapons workshop in the Tapa Army Base
Address: Loode 35, Tapa, Lääne-Viru county
General contractor: Revin Grupp OÜ
E-Betoonelement's contract: manufacture and delivery of elements
Elements: hollow panels, three-layer wall elements, posts, stairs and parapet elements
Delivery time: March - April 2023
Sales Engineer: Olga Freshchenko
Project Manager: Toomas Böttcher

E-Betoonelement project manager Toomas Böttcher: "In March, we will start the deliveries for the construction of the heavy weapons workshop in the Tapa Army Base, for which we will manufacture and deliver 3-layer wall elements with a natural finish, hollow panels, parapet and stair elements and posts. The precast concrete solution is well suited for the construction of this building because it meets the high requirements of the structure's load-bearing capacity."

The overall size of the building will be nearly 1,700 square meters, and in addition to the repair shop, the building will also accommodate a laundry room, spare parts storage and office space, thus offering modern living conditions to the users of the building.

The heavy weapons workshop will be completed by the end of 2023.

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Revin Grupp alustas Tapa sõjaväelinnakus raskerelvade töökoja ehitust

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