Deliveries have begun for the first building in the Kodulahe Quarter


RAMM Ehituse OÜ is building an apartment building that AS E-Betoonelement is manufacturing and delivering elements for in the Merimetsa district, in the area situated between Rocca al Mare and Stroomi Beach.

  • Project: Lahepere tn 7, apartment building
  • Customer: RAMM Ehituse OÜ
  • Architect: KAMP Arhitektid OÜ
  • Services: manufacture and transport of reinforced concrete elements
  • List of products: hollow core panels, posts, beams and wall elements

In total, five houses will be built in the Kodulahe Quarter that borders a forest and sea. The first, situated at Lahepere 7, will be completed in the summer of 2017. Architects have designed the main structure of the building using durable and secure reinforced concrete, combining brick, wood and glass in the exterior finish.

E-Betoonelement’s deliveries will take place until the start of December of this year.

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