Cabro™ division entered into a contract for the 2nd construction stage of the storage tank in Kumna farm


Site: 2nd construction stage of the storage tank in Kumna farm
Customer: AS Metsaküla Piim
Address: Kumna, Harku Rural Municipality, Harjumaa
Technical design, delivery and assembly of elements: AS E-Betoonelement
Project Manager: Kalle Kõllo

AS E-Betoonelement entered into a contract with Metsaküla Piim AS for completing the 2nd construction stage of the storage tank in Kumna farm.
In 2008, E-Betoonelement assembled liquid manure storage tanks constructed for the needs of dairy cattle in Kumna Village. The walls of the storage tanks are 4.0 m of height, consist of 54 wall elements and hold 5,073 m33 This was the first stage of the planned two liquid manure storage tanks. In the second stage, a similar storage tank will be constructed.
Kalle Kõllo, the Division Manager of Cabro™, commented on why the customer chose AS E-Betoonelement to complete the 2nd stage as well: “The good quality and simple usage of the storage tank that has already been completed and taken into use as well as the price offered contributed to our re-selection. Good co-operation between us has lasted already since the agricultural fair Maamess of 2007.”

Kalle Kõllo adds: “AS Metsaküla Piim has outpaced the difficult period, during which dairy producers had to settle for a buying-in price that was lower than the production price for quite a long time. Now that they have become stronger again, the enterprise will complete the reconstruction of their dairy farm, where we have already set up farm storage tanks as one part.”

The elements for the storage tank will be completed in August, which will be followed by their assembly at the farm. The storage tank will be taken into use at the beginning of November.

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