According to Vaido Leosk, who has been running the Estonian Concrete Association for two years, helps the new chairman of the board keep the management of the entire Union fresh. Membership of the board also became upgrade.

Kalle Suitslepp, the chairman of the board of AS Betoonimeister, was elected new chairman of the board of the company.

"It has become a good practice for the Concrete Association to re-elect the chairman every two years.

"The Estonian Concrete Association has become a well-functioning organization over a decade.

Kalle Suitslepp was born on December 21, 1956. He graduated from the Tallinn Secondary School No. 4 (1975) and the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Tallinn Polytechnical Institute, in the field of automobile and bridge engineering (1980).

Changes in the board of directors:

The Estonian Concrete Association elected its new eight-member board on its annual general meeting on 19 February:

- Imre Leetma, AS Kunda Nordic Tsement;

- Vaido Leosk, AS E-Betoonelement;

- Heiki Meos, OÜ EstKONSULT;

- Johannes Pello, Tallinna Tehnikaülikool;

- Kalev Ramjalg;

- Tiit Roots, AS Peri;

- Risto Sappinen, AS Merko Ehitus Eesti;

- Kalle Suitslepp, AS Betoonimeister.

The new board has one new member– Kalev Ramjalg.

The general meeting of the Estonian Concrete Association elected Jaan Luts, Chairman of the Management Board of AS TMB, as the auditor of the company.

The Estonian Concrete Association is a union that promotes the use of concrete as a domestic building material, which includes 48 companies, organizations and private individuals.

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