AS E-Betoonelement designs, manufactures and assembles elements of AS Estanc production building


Site: AS Estanc production building
Address: Põrguvälja road 5a, Pildiküla, Rae municipality, Harjumaa.
Architect: Kristiina Hussar, AB KAH Arhitektid.
Customer: Estanc AS
Contracting by AS E-Betoonelement: design, elements, transport and assembly
Sales Engineer: Neeme Kasela
Project Manager: Toomas Böttcher

Neeme Kasela, the Sales Engineer of AS E-Betoonelement: “It is a large project of frames and the second stage of construction at this construction site. In the autumn of 2011, E-Betoonelement manufactured and delivered the columns and the socles to the storage building, built as the first stage of construction of the same construction site. Estanc is planning to build an extension of the production building and an office building.”

The facade of the building is covered with a corrugated metal sheet that has coloured accents. Building with dark brown metal sheet facade is supported by the socle elements of 2.4 m of height.

AS Estanc is an Estonian private company that is manufacturing process and pressure vessels and fuel storage tanks.

AS E-Betoonelement delivers hollow core slabs, columns, beams, socle and stair elements to the site. The assembly work of AS E-Betoonelement will be completed in October of this year. The building will be completed finally in 2013.

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