15 buildings to compete for the title of Concrete Building of the Year


In March 2016, the winner of Concrete Building of the Year will be selected from among 15 nominees. The Concrete Association of Estonia and the Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia are organising the competition for the sixteenth time.

“Our competition of concrete buildings stands out with its large-scale geography and buildings intended for various purposes,” Kalle Suitslepp, Chairman of Board of the Concrete Association of Estonia, said.

The following buildings compete for the title of Concrete Building of the Year 2015:

  • 1. New main building of the Estonian National Museum – Museum road 2, Tartu;
  • 2. A private residence in Tabasalu – Ranniku road, Tabasalu, Harku rural municipality, Harju County;
  • 3. Ihaste bridge – second construction area of the eastern traffic circle in Tartu, Tartu;
  • 4. Jõhvi State Gymnasium – Hariduse 5b, Jõhvi;
  • 5. Arch elements of the Kehärata train tunnel – beneath the Helsinki Airport, Vantaa, Finland;
  • 6. Commercial and residential building at Kentmanni Street – Kentmanni 6, Tallinn;
  • 7. Koda – residential building / studio / office / classroom;
  • 8. Kroodi overpasses – the Loo-Maardu road section, Jõelähtme rural municipality, Harju County;
  • 9. Cultural Caldron – Põhja avenue 27a, Tallinn;
  • 10. Apartment buildings at Marsi Street – Tondi, Tallinn;
  • 11. Maxima Logistics Centre – Tallinn traffic circle, Rae rural municipality, Harju County;
  • 12. Rakvere Smart House – Lai 20, Rakvere;
  • 13. Viljandi crematorium – Piiri 1a, Viljandi;
  • 14. Võru State Gymnasium – Seminari 1, Võru;
  • 15. One-family house – Põldmarja St, Tartu.

"Especially pleased that school buildings, infrastructure facilities, innovative Tark Maja and Koda have been completed from concrete as a domestic material. The finest homes in Estonia are still being built from concrete - both apartment buildings and private architecture are represented at the competition. Two big cultural buildings have been completed - the Cultural Palace, where the new and old concrete and the Estonian National Museum in Tartu are skillfully linked, "added Suitslepp.

Kehärata tunnel Soomes

According to Suitslepp, the structures of the railway tunnel of the largest airfield in Finland are displayed at the competition as a symbol of the export capacity of the Estonian concrete sector.

The aim of the competition is to find and highlight the buildings, whose appearance and effective and economical performance demonstrate the advantages and potential of concrete as a domestic construction material.

The main prize belongs to the author of the work. Special marking for winning object´s customer, designer, builder, concrete and formwork supplier.

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