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The Concrete Building of the Year Award goes to the Estonian National Museum


Estonian Concrete Society announced today the winners of the "Concrete Building of the Year 2016" competition at the Estonian National Museum in Tartu.

Special prize architectural design of the facade - Karl Storz Video Endoscopy Estonia OÜ production, service and office building – Architectural bureau Luhse & Tuhal OÜ.

Comment by the jury: "The elemental building with a deliberate content, whose exterior is diversified, the outer panel of the building is divided horizontally into rectangles with false edges. The game's façade is guaranteed by the use of templates with two different patterns, plus smooth, untreated surfaces. "
The chairman of the jury, Aadu Kana: "The building used facade elements E-Betoonelement titanium dioxide. According to architects, the goal was to achieve a bright, natural-looking concrete surface. "

Special prize contractor, architect and concrete manufacturer for cooperation - Glamurous building in Lääne- Virumaa county.
Customer: private client
Architecture: Aarchitectural burea Emil Urbel OÜ (Emil Urbel, Aleksandr Zverev).
Concrete elements: Swetrak AS.

Commentary by the jury: "In addition to the concrete exterior, the surface of the prefabricated concrete elements is also widely visible in the interior. Attention has also been paid to details, which are, for example, concrete door openers. "
The brilliant performance of concrete elements that the jury liked was responsible Swetrak AS belonging to the Consolise group.

The Concrete Building of the Year 2016 - The Estonian National Museum in Tartu.
The main prize is DGT Architects (Dan Dorell, Lina Ghotmeh, Tsuyoshi Tane).
Customer's award - Riigi Kinnisvara AS;
Constructor Award - Novarc Group AS;
Building works Prize - Fund Ehitus OÜ;
Concrete Works Prize - Alusehitus OÜ, BGM Ehitus OÜ, K-Most AS;
Prize for Concrete Elements - TMB Element OÜ;
Concrete Prize - Rudus AS, TM Betoon OÜ;
Form work Award - Ramirent Baltic AS.

See short video about the ERM here:

An original, modern architecture, a new building in its environment, which brings elegant concrete to the surface as the benefits of modern structural material.
Jury comment: "This house is ambitious with architecture, the whole concept of which is based on concrete. The concrete enters the magnificent dialogue with steel and glass in this house.
The chairman of the jury, Aadu Kana: "The quality of concrete works is also very good - and to what extent! With the most recent back rooms and "blind" storage. Until hand grinding of concrete stairs. All the parties involved in the construction of this house have done an excellent job - to praise the Estonian people! "

Special prize arhitektuuri eest – Narva coastal building.
Architectural bureau JVR OÜ - Kalle Vellevoog, Andrus Andrejev, Martin Prommik.
Comment by the jury: "Architects have taken into account that the concrete building would merge into the landscape and would not dominate excessively, but would be actively used on different levels. A concrete building with a complex configuration and pure casting. "
The chairman of the jury, Aadu Kana: "The views that open here are extraordinary. An interesting landscape and historical and political symbols - a contemporary, meaningful historical and natural environment. "

The "Concrete building of the year", organized for the seventeenth time this year, has been launched in order to introduce the wide range of concrete applications to the public and recognize those people who have used domestic construction materials - a very compact and well-shaped concrete for the implementation of their ideas. This year, 20 works were received. The competition was for the submission of concrete constructions delivered to the contracting authority in 2016 and the constructions and procedures used therein. The jury for the Concrete Building of the year 2016 included representatives from the Estonian Construction Association: Estonian Union of Architects - Ülar Mark, Estonian Concrete Association - Johannes Pello, Estonian Construction Entrepreneurs Association - Indrek Peterson, Estonian Construction Engineers Association - Heiki Meos, Estonian Construction Consultancy Association - Aivar Lukk, Estonian Building Materials Manufacturers Union - Enno Rebane, Aadu Kana, chairman of the jury, as well as representatives of construction journalists - Eva Kiisler from the magazine "Ehitaja", Liivi Tamm from the magazine EhitusEST, and the Finnish architect Maritta Koivisto from the Betoni magazine.

The Estonian Concrete Association is a company that promotes the use of concrete as a building material for domestic use, which includes 56 companies, organizations and private individuals.

The Association of Estonian Building Materials Manufacturers is an association of construction materials manufacturing and sales companies, which comprises 62 enterprises.

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Aadu Kana, chairman of the jury of the contest "The Concrete Building of the Year 2016"
Honorary Member of the Estonian Concrete Association Phonel: 50 49 477

Toomas Vainola, Managing Director of Estonian Concrete Association
Phone: 50 36 650; 648 1918; e-mail: 

Enno Rebane, Managing Director of Estonian Building Material Manufacturers Association
Phone: 51 82 662; 648 1918; e-mail:

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