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Delfi Economy Estonian Concrete Association announced the "Concrete building of the year 2011" winner sound sculpture Cromatico.

Concrete building 2011 - sculpture Cromatico (Tallinn Song Festival Lauluväljak): the main prize - the sculptor Lukas Kühne, Germany.
Constructor Award - Andrei Kervalishvili, Nordecon Betoon OÜ, Builder Prize - Nordecon Betoon OÜ, Concrete Supplier Award - HC Betoon AS.

Sculpture Cromatico visualizes a chromatic musical sound stage consisting of 12 concrete chambers
Cromatico was implemented under the "European Capital of Culture 2011" program.
Comment by the jury: The sculpture with very thin walls cast on monolithic concrete site demanded very skilled concrete castings.
Cromatico gives the concrete a new role - it uses it acoustically. The quality of concrete works is very good.
The chairman of the jury, Aadu Kana: Estonia has received a unique sculpture around the world that Lukas Kühne and Mikko Fritze have implemented with the enthusiastic help of concrete master Mait Rõõmusaare (Nordecon Betoon OÜ).
It is also noteworthy that the whole project was largely a pro bono arrangement, which was carriedout by all parties with sincere commitment in a socially responsible manner. Best advertising for concrete.

Special prize - Helme 14 apartment buildings (Helme St, Tallinn) - Architectural bureau JVR OÜ (architects Kalle Vellevoog and Velle Kadalipp) and AS E-Betoonelement
Jury comment: An architect and developer have found the opportunity to use a variety of different concrete surfaces - created using different technologies.
To achieve graphic concrete images, your innovative solution has been found, which is more than once more economical than previously used. The result is eye-catching and high-quality.
Technology for the manufacture of rubber mats intended for embossed concrete surfaces extends the choice of architects and contractors for the presentation of concrete surfaces.

A special prize - a private house in Tabasalu (Lehe 8, Tabasalu, Harku municipality, Harjumaa) - Palm E Architectural Bureau OÜ (architects Eero Palm and Pille Noole) and customer Priit Altpere - for the good cooperation of the client and the architect.
Jury comment: Good work from architects - At first glance, it's hard to see that it is an elemental house. The quality of concrete surfaces and construction work is decent.
When exhibiting concrete surfaces, there is no tension inside the building, but concrete forms a harmonious whole with other materials. It is skillfully and securely built unique home.

The special award of the "Ehitaja" magazine - for the implementation of high-quality concrete works from Kontek Int, a Tallinn wastewater treatment plant biofilter building.
The special prize awarded to the winner of the polling web site - (AS Äripäev) - to biofilter building at the Tallinn Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The 12th annual "Concrete Building of the year" competition has been launched this year to introduce the wide range of concrete applications to the public and to recognize those people who have used domestic construction materials - concrete and formable concrete - to implement their ideas.

This year 11 works were received. Concrete buildings delivered to the contractor during the year 2011 and the constructions and procedures used therein could be submitted to this competition.

Representatives from the contest -Concrete building of the year 2011- Estonian Construction Association jury: Estonian Concrete Association - Toomas Laur, Estonian Association of Architects - Hindrek Kesler, Estonian Construction Entrepreneurs Association - Indrek Peterson, Estonian Construction Engineers Association - Heiki Meos, Estonian Building Materials Manufacturers Association - Enno Rebane, Estonian Project Offices Union - Martin Aunin, Aadu Kana, chairman of the jury, as well as representatives of construction journalists - Eva Kiisler from the magazine "Ehitaja", Liivi Tamm from the newspaper Äripäev and Maritta Koivistas magazine "Betoni" (Finland).

The Estonian Concrete Association is a union that promotes the use of concrete as a domestic building material, which includes 47 companies, organizations and private individuals.

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