AS E-Betoonelement and construction company Astlanda Ehitus have entered into a cooperation agreement for the preparation of the operational building design documentation of a courthouse and for the design, manufacture and delivery of elements therefor.

  • Project: Courthouse
  • Address: Lubja st. 4, Tallinn
  • Customer: Construction company Astlanda Ehitus OÜ
  • Services: preparation of the operational building design documentation; design, manufacture and transport of elements
  • Products: hollow core slabs, columns, beams, stairs, interior and exterior wall elements
  • Project Manager at E-Betoonelement: Kristjan Leht

A new courthouse, the facades of which are architecturally designed as calm, angular elements that protrude in relation to one another both horizontally and vertically, is to be built on the periphery of Tallinn city centre. The building is multifaceted, but has a simple and harsh geometry to it. E-Betoonelement is manufacturing triple-layered insulated reinforced concrete panels, structural elements and hollow core panels treated with whitish grey titanium oxide for the building facade.

The new building will house three state authorities: Harju County Court, Northern District Prosecutor's Office and the Centre of Registers and Information Systems (RIK). All agencies will be housed in different parts of the building, while architecturally forming a single unit without aiming for visual distinction between them.

Authors of the building are Andres Siim and Kristel Ausing from Arhitektuuristuudio Siim & Kreis. Their idea solution Matrix was awarded the first prize among thirteen candidates. The head designer of the building is Novarc Group AS.

Deliveries of E-Betoonelement will take place from March next year until the end of September. The building is to be fully completed in the spring of 2018.

20 nominees were entered in the Concrete Building of the Year 2016 competition organised by the Estonian Concrete Association and the Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia.

"The Estonian Concrete Buildings Competition looks stylistically what today's drawballs are in Estonia," said Tiit Roots, Chairman of the Estonian Concrete Association Board. "The city of Tartu is very pleased with the concrete construction competition this year, with very significant and interesting buildings," added Roots.

"For the first time in nearly 50 years, a concrete road was built in Estonia, in Õismäe, Tallinn," said Toomas Vainola, Managing Director of Estonian Concrete Association. "We hope that this is only the first step in the re-use of concrete roads in Estonia.

The main prize belongs to the author of the prize. The contracting entity, the designer, the builder, the concrete and the formwork supplier

The winner will be announced on the Concrete Day in March 2017.


Aasta betoonehitis konkursil kandideerib 20 ehitist

AS E-Betoonelement submitted four buildings to the competition “Estonian Concrete Building of the Year 2016”, organised by the Concrete Association of Estonia and the Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia.

Karl Storz Video Endoscopy Estonia OÜ

Customer: Karl Storz Video Endoscopy Estonia OÜ
Architect: OÜ Architectural burea Luhse & Tuhal
Developer: Neoprojekt OÜ, CES AS
Builder: Maru Ehitus AS
Concrete products supplier: AS E-Betoonelement

Submission grounds: This element building with a powerful appearance and well-planned interior uses fake assembly joints to divide the outer casing of the panels into horizontal rectangles. The playful facade uses two different matrices, with additional smooth unprocessed surfaces.

You can find more pictures here.

Private house – On Hämariku street

Customer: private client
Architect: Indrek Kallas
Developer: Artest Project OÜ
Ehitaja: Est Trading Partner OÜ
Concrete products supplier: AS E-Betoonelement

Submission grounds: For the private house on Hämariku street 10, the combination of the new and old style was very successful. This was the first house in Estonia to have been built with composite ties without any thermal bridges to join the reinforced concrete wall panel layers.

You can find more pictures here.

Maarjamaa College of education

Customer: Riigi Kinnisvara AS
Architect: OÜ Esplan
Builder: AS YIT Ehitus
Concrete products supplier: AS E-Betoonelement

Ettepaneku põhjendus: Läbimõeldud ja terviklik hoonetekompleks, kuhu kuulub kaheksa erinevat hoonet - peahoone, peremaja ja kuus rühmakodu. Õpilaslinnaku loomisel on lähtutud lapsesõbralikust lähenemisest, pakkudes õpilastele kaasaegset õpi- ja elukeskkonda. Terviklikku lähenemist näitab ka hoonete ühtne väline stiil. Seinaelementide viimistlemisel on kasutatud raudoksiidiga patineerimist ja musta pigmendiga harjapinda.

You can find more pictures here.

Apartment building – Mardi street 9, Tallinn

Customer: Barensholm OÜ
Aarchitect: Kuu Arhitektid OÜ ja Projekt O2 OÜ
Designer: Pikoprojekt OÜ
Builder: RAMM Ehituse OÜ
Concrete products supplier: AS E-Betoonelement

Submission grounds: the idea behind the apartment building on Mardi street was to convey the historical atmosphere of the Keldrimäe neighbourhood, densely built-up and planned in human scale. The apartment building is divided into three sections with different finishes and volume, thus creating a harmonious urban ensemble with the surrounding historical buildings.
The recessed facade with articulated balconies adds human scale to the large building, and provides sufficiently large balconies/terraces to the south-facing apartments.

You can find more pictures here.

The winner will be announced on the national Concrete Day in March 2017.

Magazine Äripäev

Buildings are rising around us every day, we can see it and feel it. The question is, how is it done and which value is given to us?
“Buildings look like their builders – it all begins with an idea, but an idea only is not enough. You need executors, a team to execute the idea – only good cooperation can create a functional whole. We do not care for houses only, but houses that are good to stay in and look at and that would serve the goals set,” says Aare Pärna, Sales Director at E-Betoonelement. “Concrete allows us to be the best as the shaping of this gratifying material by using modern know-how and technologies helps us create a better living environment around us.”

AS E-Betoonelement
Building envelope from design to installation
Parent company: Consolis SAS, 10,000 employees in 30 countries, turnover 1.3 billion euros (in 2015)

A material with its own character

The argument that concrete is nothing but a boring grey wall does not hold water anymore. Concrete allows carrying out high-flying ideas – it can be designed so that it functions as an interior design element, or as a building solution that is a great fit for the environment. Concrete can be covered with natural stone, ceramic tiles or bricks. Concrete can be stained or painted pictures on. E-Betoonelement is dedicated to the production of original and durable concrete.

BIM-in the construction of buildings - comprehensive, informative, cost-effective

“The future is here, self-thinking houses are a reality – checking, managing, ordering, etc. But the story begins a lot earlier, not when the house is already complete. The story begins with an idea and the transfer of it to a hard drive,” says Pärna.
Nowadays, buildings are first completed in a computer where a model representing the reality is prepared – BIM. This allows everyone seeing the model of the building to get prompt information about it. To see the building as a whole – joints, elements with a complex shape carried out comprehensibly, location of special parts, matching of architecture, etc., planning of reorganisations for the completed building in a later stage.

Building envelope – completed on the go

The advantages of installing precast element solutions are speed of work and low dependency on the weather. A 2,000 sq m envelope of a production building, for example, is erected in 3–4 weeks – buildings of elements precast in the factory are completed like Lego houses, so that the elements are lifted from the truck straight to the final location of the building.

It’s the result that counts

“Time and quality are important for all of us – to do things well, care about the result and create lasting values – these are the criteria that the current element industry can meet,” says Pärna, promoting trust in the team experienced in the field.

AS E-Betoonelement, which is providing concrete solutions for the domestic market, has been in business for nearly 25 years now.

AS E-Betoonelement is part of Consolis SAS, a group that joins European leading precast concrete element manufacturers. The group’s 100 years of experience and cooperation allow offering modern and high-quality results. E-Betoonelement is focused on the design, manufacture and installation of precast concrete elements.

Toomas Vainola

As of November, the executive director of the Concrete Association of Estonia is Toomas Vainola. The former executive director Peeter Kokk retired.

“In Toomas Vainola we found an executive director who is very experienced and capable as an organiser and who we hope will be of great help in advancing the Concrete Association,” said Tiit Roots, chairman of the board of the Concrete Association of Estonia. “He has long and closely been involved in different aspects of concrete construction. Vainola has also been involved in the development of our specialised association from the very establishment of the Concrete Association,” Roots added.

Toomas Vainola (born 1960) has graduated from the Tallinn University of Technology as a civil engineer, having majored in industrial and civil engineering (1983). He has worked as a foreman at EKE EMV (1983–1989), director of the AS E-Betoonelement factory (1989–1994), chairman of the board of AS Rudus (1994–2016).

Concrete Association of Estonia is an association promoting the use of concrete as a local construction material that comprises 54 enterprises.

Additional information:

Tiit Roots, Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Concrete Association

Phone: 50 42 228; e-mail: 

Toomas Vainola, Eesti Betooniühingu tegevdirektor,

Phone: 50 366 50; 648 1918; e-mail:

AS E-Betoonelement has entered into a cooperation agreement with Ehitusfirma Rand&Tuulberg AS for the design, manufacture and supply the elements for Mustamäe Health Center.

  • Project: Mustamäe Health Center
  • Address: Ehitajate tee 27, Tallinn
  • Customer: Ehitusfirma Rand&Tuulberg AS
  • Services: design, manufacture and transport of elements
  • Product nomenclature: hollow core slabs, columns, beams, stairs, interior and exterior wall elements
  • Project manager of E-Betoonelement: Martin-Sven Käärid

The ground plan of the building has the shape of a compact trapezoid with a central glass-roofed atrium through four floors. Rehabilitation centre, pharmacy and cafe will be located on the 1st floor of the building, rooms for specialised medical care and a training centre on the 2nd floor, family health centres and administrative rooms on the 3rd and 4th floor. Dressing rooms for employees, technical rooms and parking spaces for 30 vehicles are planned for the basement floor.

“A new element building with a contemporary facade will be built in place of an outdated health centre, and we are supplying, among others, 3-layered insulated facade elements that will have a rounded shape in the south-western corner of the building,” says Martin-Sven Käärid, the project manager of E-Betoonelement..

The new building should offer high quality and contemporary environment for patients and employees alike.

Supplies by E-Betoonelement will take place until April 2017, and Mustamäe Health Centre is to be completed at the end of 2017.

Mustamäe health center

Read more:

Construction of the Mustamäe Health Center gets a good impulse

The Mustamäe polyclinic building is being demolished, the modern health center comes in

Concrete Association of Estonia and Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia have announced the „Concrete Building of the Year 2016“ competition.

Conditions to enter the concrete building construction:

  • Buildings – structures and constructions – that will be delivered to the owner during the year 2016;
  • Buildings that have previously not been submitted to the competition.*
  • designs and proceedings may be entered as well.

The deadline of submission is the 1st of December 2016. The winner will be announced on the Estonian Concrete Day in March 2017

The winner of the contest is a proceeding or object that invests in the work of the entrepreneurs registered in Estonia and concrete material purveyed locally. Professional engineering and construction is also an important aspect of the selection process, also exactingness, quality and innovation of the contestant.

The aim of the contest is to contribute to the architectural concrete, concrete construction and concrete technology development, as well as to raise the reputation of concrete as a domestic building material.

More information:

About the contest

Allika Industrial Park developed by Harju Elekter AS will include two new element buildings – Stera production facility and Laohotell.

  • Stera production building and Warehouse hotel
  • Address: Allika Industrial Park, Angerja Street
  • Customer: Harju Elekter AS
  • Services: design, manufacturing, transport and assembly of an element solution
  • Products: hollow core panels, posts, beams and wall elements
  • Project Manager of E-Betoonelement: Toomas Böttcher

The project manager of E-Betoonelement Toomas Böttcer“Two new element buildings – Laohotell and Stera production facility – will soon be erected in the Allika Industrial Park located a few kilometers from us. We have already started the assembly work on Laohotell, and deliveries for the Stera production facility will commence in October.
The exterior finish of the buildings will alternately make use of elements with a brightly coloured and natural r/b mould surface, which creates a unique appearance for the production buildings and distinguishes them from the rest. Additionally, two facades of the Laohotell will be covered with solar panels in order to keep the energy costs of the building low and make it environmentally friendly.
Ühe elementhoone oleme varasemalt koostöös Harju Elekter AS-ga Allika Tööstusparki juba ehitanud - Eccuale, sellest koostööst jäi positiivne kogemus, mis andis innustust uute projektidega jätkamiseks.“

E-Betoonelement’s contracts will expire at the end of this year; the buildings are to be completed in 2017.

Shopping centre T1 developed by Pro Kapital, liability for the construction of which lies with Merko Ehitus AS and assembled element framework of which is supplied by E-Betoonelement, is taking an ever clearer shape in the surrounding environment.

In addition to satisfying the people’s need for consumption, the huge shopping centre that is spread out on 55,000 m2 is also aimed at offering entertainment. In the summer, the construction of a Ferris wheel towering 120 m from sea level was confirmed.

See a video with Allan Remmelkoor, member of the management board of AS Pro Kapital: DELFI TV

You will find the photo gallery here.

28.08.2015 E-Betoonelement to supply elements for T1 Shopping Center

The contract of AS E-Betoonelement for the business and office building located at Töökoja 2 has ended. It covered design, production, supply and installation of the element section of the building.

  • Project: business and office building
  • Address: Töökoja 2, Tallinn
  • Client: Ehitusfirma Rand ja Tuulberg AS
  • Services: design, manufacturing, transport and assembly of an element solution
  • Product nomenclature: hollow core slabs, columns, beams, stairs, interior and exterior wall elements
  • Project manager of E-Betoonelement: Kaido Kindel
Business and office building at Töökoja 2, Tallinn in completion stage. Photo: Photo:

The project manager of E-Betoonelement Kaido Kindel: „Ehitusettevõte Rand ja Tuulberg tellis E-Betoonelemendist hoonekarbi täislahenduse, mille puhul meievaheline koostöö sujus kenasti. Informatsioon liikus kiiresti ja kõik esilekerkinud küsimused lahendati mõlemapoolselt professionaalselt."

The new office building has 7 floors: the ground floor is intended for business spaces, 2. and 3. floors for parking lot, and 4.-7. floors for office spaces. Net area of the building is approximately 10,500 square metres. Concrete facade with aluminium windows provides unique appearance to the building.

The building will be completed in the beginning of 2017.


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