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Estonian Concrete Association and Estonian Building Materials Manufacturers Association

19 buildings were submitted to the competition "Concrete Building of the Year 2020" organized by the Estonian Concrete Association and the Estonian Building Materials Manufacturers Association.

The collection of this year's contest is rich both in number and geography,” said Tiit Roots, Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Concrete Association. "The concrete building contest has not had such a wide geographical coverage for years," Roots added.

Tiit Roots: "We have school buildings and a kindergarten, production and office buildings, private houses and apartment buildings, small architectural forms and a reconstructed fortress, a seafront promenade and a harbor, health facilities and a swimming pool, an experience center and a tankodrome, as well as excellent examples of Estonian concrete exports."

The board of the Estonian Concrete Association has decided that this time a pre-selection will be made among the candidates submitted to the contest and the nominees will be announced at the next meeting of the board on January 20, 2021.  

The candidates submitted for of the "Concrete Building of the Year 2020" are:
1. Angerja tee 38 production and storage building, Angerja tee 38, Allika Industrial Park, Hüüru village,
Saue parish, Harju county;
2. Ankur Residence, Andrekse tee, Pirita, Tallinn;
3. Citybox Tallinn Hotel terrazzo floors, Porto Franco, Tallinn;
4. Emajõe Office Building, Paju 2, Tartu;
5. Private house recreation area, Lubja village, Viimsi parish;
7. Haapsalu Primary School, Lihula mnt 12, Haapsalu;
8. Heathmont Office Building, Suur-Patarei 13, Tallinn;
9. Laaneotsa House, Pringi village, Viimsi parish, Harju county;
10. Kindergarten-Swimming Pool, Raja 7, Pärnu;
11. The reconstruction of Naissaare Port, Stage I, Naissaar, Viimsi parish, Harju county;
12. The reconstruction of Narva Castle Convent House , Peterburi mnt 2, Narva;
13. Parking garage, Töökoja 4, Tallinn;
14. Rakvere Vallimäe Open Air Center, Vallimäe tee 3, Rakvere;
15. Sillamäe Sea Promenade, Sillamäe;
16. Sillamäe Common Building, I. Pavlovi 4, Sillamäe;
17. Joint study and accommodation building of the Narva Study Center of the Academy of Internal Affairs and the Narva College of the University of Tartu, P. Kerese 14, Narva;
18. Stockholm New Office Building, Stockholm, Rootsi;
19. Sütiste Primary Care Center, J. Sütiste tee 17/1, Tallinn;
20. The design and construction of Tapa Practice Area, Tapa parish, Lääne-Virumaa;
21. The University of Tartu Delta Centre building, Narva mnt 18/20, Tartu;
22. Toom-Kuninga 15 apartment building, Toom-Kuninga 15, Tallinn;
23. Tower, apartment building, Seebi 1, Kristiine, Tallinn;
24. Tööstuse 16 residential wing of the production building, Tööstuse 16, Keila;
25. Uus-Veerenni apartment buildings, Stage I, Veerenni 36, Pille 7 ja Tiiu 3, Tallinn;
26. Viktor Palm office building with a parking garage, Lõõtsa 1A/Suur-Sõjamäe 12A, Ülemiste City, Tallinn; 27. WOW experience center, Merikotka 1, Kuressaare;
28. Commercial and medical building, Töökoja 1, Tallinn;
29. Ümera 28b apartment building, Ümera 28b, Lasnamäe, Tallinn.

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The aim of the competition is to find and highlight the buildings, whose appearance and effective and economical performance demonstrate the advantages and potential of concrete as a domestic construction material.

The jury will start its work in the beginning year.

The board of the Concrete Association decided that the winners of the contest "Concrete Building of the Year 2020" will be announced at the Concrete Day 2021 in May 2021. 

Additional information:

Tiit Roots, Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Concrete Association,
Phone: 50 42 228; e-mail: 

Toomas Vainola, Executive Director of the Concrete Association of Estonia
Phone: +372 648 1918; +372 50 366 50; e-mail: 

Enno Rebane,Managing Director of the Estonian Building Materials Manufacturers Association  
Phone: 648 1918; 51 82 662; e-mail:  

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