23 buildings take part in the Concrete Building of the Year 2018 competition


23 buildings were entered for the Concrete Building of the Year 2018 competition organised by the Concrete Association of Estonia and the Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia.

“The upturn of the construction market is also expressly reflected in our competition for concrete buildings where many larger and smaller concrete buildings and civil engineering works have been entered,” said Tiit Roots, Chairman of the Board of the Concrete Association of Estonia.



“The range of buildings entered for the competition is truly broad, once again giving a good overview of the opportunities of using concrete as the most widely used domestic construction material in construction,” said Toomas Vainola, Executive Director of the Concrete Association of Estonia.

Nominees for the title of the Concrete Building of the Year 2018 are:

  1. Parking garage of Eedeni Centre – Ihaste tee 3, Tartu;
  2. Building of the Estonian Academy of Arts – Põhja pst 7, Tallinn;
  3. Elering’s main building – Kadaka tee 42, Tallinn;
  4. Estanc production facility – Põrguvälja tee 5a, Pildiküla, Rae rural municipality, Harju county;
  5. Finest office building – Pärnu mnt 22, Tallinn;
  6. Haabersti intersection – Haabersti, Tallinn;
  7. Laagri Health Centre – Tervise 2, Laagri, Saue rural municipality, Harju county;
  8. Maarjamäe memorial for the victims of communism – Pirita tee 74, Tallinn;
  9. Mustamäe Experience Centre – Akadeemia tee 30, Mustamäe, Tallinn;
  10. Paepargi residential area – Lasnamäe, Tallinn;
  11. Palamuse kindergarten Nukitsamees – Pähklimäe 1, Palamuse, Jõgeva rural municipality, Jõgeva county;
  12. Pöörise architecture – Pöörise Street, Mustamäe, Tallinn;
  13. Roseni hotel/apartment building/office building – Roseni 9/11, Tallinn;
  14. Staapli 4 apartment building – Staapli 4, Noblessner, Tallinn;
  15. Apartment buildings at Sõjakooli Street 12, 12A, 12B – Kristiine, Tallinn;
  16. T1 Mall of Tallinn Shopping and Entertainment Centre – Peterburi tee 2, Tallinn;
  17. Tallinna courthouse – Lubja 4, Tallinn;
  18. Parking garage of Tallinn Airport – Tartu mnt 101, Tallinn;
  19. Amphitheater of Tallinn University of Technology – Ehitajate tee 5, Mustamäe, Tallinn;
  20. Housing departments of Tallinn Prison – Linnaaru tee 5, Soodevahe village, Rae rural municipality, Harju county;
  21. Concrete floors of Tallinn Prison – Linnaaru tee 5, Soodevahe village, Rae rural municipality, Harju county;
  22. Tänavapuhastuse AS workshop – Järve 37, Kristiine, Tallinn;
  23. Zenith office building – Narva mnt. 7b, Tallinn
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The aim of the competition is to find and highlight the buildings, whose appearance and effective and economical performance demonstrate the advantages and potential of concrete as a domestic construction material.

The object or procedure wins, where a significant contribution has been made by the work of registered enterprisers in Estonia and concrete materials delivered from Estonia. The choice of winning will also take into account the professionalism and demanding, quality and innovativeness of the design and construction of the site.

The main prize belongs to the author of the work. Special marking for winning object´s customer, designer, builder, concrete and formwork supplier.


The jury will start its work in January.
The winner will be announced on the Concrete Day in March 2019.

Background info:

The Concrete Building of the Year 2015 – Ihaste Bridge in Tartu. Grand Prix – Ehituse ja Tarkvara Inseneribüroo OÜ (Juhan Idnurm ja Siim Idnurm).
The Concrete Building of the Year 2014 – Tondiraba Ice Hall. Grand Prix – Kadarik Tüür Arhitektid OÜ.
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The Association of Estonian Building Materials Manufacturers is an association of construction materials manufacturing and sales companies, which comprises 62 enterprises.

Read more:
Tiit Roots, Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Concrete Association
Phone: 50 42 228; e-mail:
Toomas Vainola, Managing Director of Estonian Concrete Association
Phone: +372 648 1918; +372 50 366 50; e-mail:
Enno Rebane, Managing Director of Estonian Building Material Manufacturers Association
Phone: 648 1918; 51 82 662; e-mail:

Source: Estonian Concrete Association

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