Elements of the extension of the production facility of Wendre AS will be delivered by E-Betoonelement


AS E-Betoonelement ja AS Merko Ehitus sõlmisid koostöölepingu AS Wendre tootmishoone laienduse elementide projekteerimiseks ja tarneks.

Project: Wendre Production Building Extension
Address: Lina 13, Pärnu
Customer: AS Merko Ehitus
Architect: Architectural bureau Raivo Puusepp OÜ
Services: Design (hollow core slabs, beams), production and transport of reinforced concrete elements
List of products: Hollow core slabs, columns, beams and three-layer wall elements
Sales Engineer at E-Betoonelement: Martin-Sven Käärid
Project Manager at E-Betoonelement: Kristjan Leht

Martin-Sven Käärid: Sales Engineer at E-Betoonelement: “It is a large-scale structure work in case of which we will transport hollow core slabs, columns, beams and facade elements. In case of the extension of this warehouse facility, it is notable that all the floor area will be of hollow core slabs.”

Blanket and pillow producer Wendre is planning to expand the production facility, located in Rääma Industrial Park, by 13,000 m2. The aim of the expansion is to renew the machinery and increase production capacity, thus, creating an opportunity for changing the work arrangement of production from three shifts to two shifts.

Production facility of Wendre in Pärnu Photo: Pärnu Postimees Foto: Pärnu Postimees

Wendre is the largest employer in the city besides Pärnu Hospital. The main field of activity of the factory is the production of blankets and pillows. Most of the production is exported abroad. Vahur Roosaar, Managing Director of Wendre, admitted that the company is one of the largest in Europe in its field of activity, and in order to remain competitive, these kinds of investments are essential.

The object will be ready in August 2018.

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