AS E-Betoonelement delivers elements for Särevere Bridge


AS E-Betoonelement has entered into a cooperation agreement with Lemminkainen Eesti AS for designing, manufacturing and delivering elements for the Särevere Bridge.

Kairet Luiga, Manager of Infrastructure Products at AS E-Betoonelement: “It is a bridge with two openings crossing the Pärnu River. Estimated spans are 22 m and 12 m. Openings are constructed using ZIP beams, and the edges of the bridge deck are constructed from monolithic deck slab brackets. This type of solution allows for building jet and drop pipes intended for water drainage underneath the cantilever deck edge without presenting any issues.”

Using prefabricated bridge elements offers several advantages such as the speed of completing works and necessity to construct a minimum number of formworks at the site. “There is no need for temporary supports, and the formwork of the cantilever deck slab is also attached to the outer ZIP beam wall. This minimises the influences on the surroundings caused by the construction of the opening, because in addition to requiring only a little material and few supports at the site, bridge beams are installed quickly from wheels,” Kairet Luiga explains.

E-Betoonelement’s delivery to the objects takes place in April.

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