Training by the Estonian Concrete Association: Design and Construction of Prefabricated Concrete Structures



The training is intended for designers and builders of prefabricated concrete structures, manufacturers of concrete elements and construction supervision. The lecturers are Alar Käes(CES OÜ, authorized civil engineer, level 8) and Marko Haabjärv, E-Betoonelement OÜ


10.00 From practitioners to theorists Marko Haabjärv                              

1. About grouting of hollow core panels

  • Vuugiraua diameetrid ja paiknemine  avatud õõnes ja vuugis
  • Õõnespaneeli välja  perimeetri raua paiknemine ja perimeetriraua ankurdus

2. Hollow panel support on neoprene and grout 

3. Horizontal joint of walls and ceiling

  •  Position of tenons
  •  Calculation of actual diameters of reinforcement
  •  Bend radius of reinforcement and its effect on the geometry of assembly

4. Vertical joint of walls

  • Joint geometry in joints with bonding loops, jointing with self-permanent grout and jointing with fine concrete
  • Vertical joint between wall elements with a welded patch

5. Element shape and the position of lifting eyes 

  • Types of lifting eyes                                                              
  • About the accidents with lifting eyes                            

6. Stair elements and their installation assemblies                             

7. Support diagrams for installation on beams against turning 

8. Temporary support of balcony elements, load on balconies in installation situation 

11.30 Break

11.45 From theorists to practitioners and theorists Alar Käes                            

1. On interpretation of norms and product standards

  • Deformatsioonivuukide vahekaugus ja  sisejõud temperatuurist
  • Õõnespaneeli  põikjõukindluse tõstmine –   teooria ja tegelikkus
  • Väände ja paindega koormatud  õõnespaneel ja selle arvutus
  • Casting thickness and its impact on the fire resistance of hollow core panel
  • The support length of hollow core panel on an absolutely rigid and flexible support 
  • Õõnespaneeli toesõlme  mõju seina  arvutuskeemile
  • Indirect support for hollow core panel

2. Slenderness of the post and wall, effect of slide on load-bearing capacity

13.30 Break

13.45 From theorists to practitioners and theorists continues

3. Safety bindings in the building and how this safety binding affects your calculation scheme             

  • Actual load of the concealed console in a building with safety bindings                          
  • About the support assembly of concealed console beam and whether it is a good choice in a classic setting         

4. Standard EN1992-4 for structural components and what is happening with the load-bearing capacity of the components                      

15.30 End of the training

Participants will receive presentation materials and 6,4 6.4 training points by the Estonian Association of Civil Engineers.

Participation requires registration by 26 February 2021 at the latest.

Price of the training €75, for members of the Estonian Concrete Association €50. The price excludes VAT

Further information and registration: HERE

Read more:  ja telefon 648 1918, 50 36650

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