Element solutions

Due to the fact that we design, manufacture and install the elements ourselves, we have consistently exchanged experiences and suggestions between our units, and find the best solutions for prefabricated reinforced concrete buildings.

Project Coordination

When purchasing a solution, we determine the in-house project manager to coordinate our work. For the contractor, this means communication with only one representative of the E-Betoonelement in relation to all works and services.


In the design, we have focused on aggregate solutions for reinforced concrete. As a specialist in our field, we are able to make the optimal, constructive solution to the building, at an early planning and design phase. It is equally important to create product drawings for well-designed and properly formed elements for factory workers based on a solution. When designing, we use the 3D model (Tekla) and its advantages (read here).


The prefabricated reinforced concrete elements are mainly made in our factories - Tamsalu and Harku. If we arrange the design of the prefabricated reinforced concrete part of the building, it means that we can carry the necessary information for production in a timely manner to the drawings, the elements are realistic, surface finishes, elemental casting of steel parts, etc., are elemental-specific. Materials have been used to ensure efficient and adequate connections. We determine the order of element production according to the installation schedule.
We manufacture the products in accordance with the applicable standards and regulations in Estonia. See factories issued certificate.


In the case of element arrival and installation order at working site, our installation brigade and project coordinator will arrange the solution. The contracting client therefore has no obligation to submit on-schedule dates for finished products storage.


The assembly of elements is a construction work that requires special training, instruments and skilful guidance. For it to go well, good co-operation with the production and design units is required. Our offer which also includes the assembly of elements allows the client to reduce significant construction risks. The assembly of precast concrete elements will take place on the terms specified in the contract and under the supervision of the designers of E-Betoonelement.