On 26 November, the Estonian Association of Civil Engineers will organize a webinar “Design and construction of a concrete structure. Consideration of calculation assumptions during construction and consideration of assembly conditions during design."

The presenters of the webinar will be Alar Käes (CES OÜ, authorized civil engineer, level 8) and Marko Haabjärv (Head of the Installation Department of E-Betoonelement OÜ). The training session will be held from 10 am to 2.30 pm and is divided into two parts - theory and examples from practice.

Please find the program with topics here.

All participants will receive a certificate with 4.6 in-service training points and the participation fee is 140 EUR (+VAT). The participation fee for EEL, EKVÜ, EVKIS, EGÜ and EVL members is 95 EUR (+ VAT).

To participate, you are required to register by 24 November at the latest, by sending an email to info@ehitusinsener.ee or filling in a form on the website of Estonian Association of Civil Engineers (please find the form here).

NB! Make sure you include your e-mail where to send a link that authorizes your participation in the training.