Handbook on concrete surfaces published now


A new handbook “BÜ4 Betooni pinnad” (BÜ4: Concrete Surfaces) was published as a co-project of the Concrete Association of Estonia and ET INFOkeskus.

The book is based on the translation of the Finnish “BY40 Betonipinnat” into Estonian. However, the BÜ4 handbook is more than just the translation of BY40 from Finnish to Estonian. References to Finnish standards have been substituted with references to European and Estonian standards where possible. Likewise, local conditions and linguistic peculiarities have been taken into consideration. As such, “BÜ4 Betooni pinnad” is one of the first publications in Estonian thoroughly introducing the characteristics and usage of concrete surfaces and giving clear guidelines on their classification and quality assessment. Some objects in Estonia have also been added to the abundant photo material.

Eestikeelse väljaande valmimisse on andnud oma panuse Eesti betooniala tunnustatud eksperdid Mart Arro, Toomas Laur, Mati Laurson, Heiki Meos, Viktor Mõisja, Riho Oras, Kaspar Parkja, Kalev Ramjalg, Enno Rebane ja Tanel Tuisk.

One can become acquainted with the book at the Building Centre, Rävala pst 8, Tallinn.
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