Estonian Concrete Association invites for training: Concrete works in the wintertime


The Estonian Concrete Association invites to the training session "Concrete works in in the wintertime" on December 12, at Tallinn School of Construction, Pärnu mnt. 162, Tallinn. The training session is designed for concrete manufacturers, builders, designers, construction supervisors, and clients of construction works. The training session provides practical advice on choosing concrete, planning concrete works and managing the curing process of the structure in winter conditions.

10.40 Registration and morning coffee
11.00 Planning and execution of concrete works – Kalev Ramjalg. General principles, preventive work methods, wind impact, freeze shock, winter heating.
12.30 Concrete types suited for the wintertime and their delivery – Lauri Labe. The impact of winter conditions on concrete. Selection of concrete mix for concrete works in the wintertime. Concrete production and transport in winter. Assuring the quality of concrete works in the wintertime.

13.15 Lunch

14.00 Monitoring of concrete curing process - Kalev Ramjalg, Lauri Labe. Estimation of concrete strength with maturity method. A closer look into the Sadgrove formula. When is concrete cured enough tso you can stop heating? Post-pour maintenance in the winter. Connection between post-pour maintenance and curing according to the standard EVS-EN 13670.

15.15 End of training

Participants will receive 3.0 continuing vocational education credit points (by the Estonian Association of Civil Engineers), presentation materials and a meal in the school canteen. Parking is free in case of available parking spaces in the school's parking lot. To participate, please register by December 8, 2023.

Registration form 08.12.2023

Price of the training €115 (plus VAT), for members of the Estonian Concrete Association €85 (plus VAT).

Additional information: Toomas Vainola, tel. 648 1918, 50 36650, e-mail:


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