The elemental producer donated Kukerpillid Concert to Tamsalu people


Virumaa Teataja

The E-Betaonelement made a present, by ordering the concert on Friday night by the well-known ensemble Kukerpillid.

The 400-th hall of the Tamsalu Cultural House was crowded with folk songs and long-lasting applauses.

The company E-Betoonelement, called the ensemble to Tamsalu. Vahur Luumann, Production Manager of E-betoonelement, said that the E-Betoonelement and Kukerpillid are linked by a long-term cooperation agreement. "The concert is a gift from the company to well-known and talented Tamsalu people, of whom dozens also work in the E-Betoonelement," said Luumann. From the establishment of the company will pass 20 years.

Tamsalu rural municipality governor Toomas Uudeberg gave memorials to two jubilee.

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