E-Betoonelement: shortage of labour is troubling


According to Aare Pärna, Sales Manager at E-Betoonelement, the shortage of qualified labour worries the company the most.

“It’s the kind of problem that we don’t have a good solution to even now,” he admitted, adding that all companies are looking for ways to cope with the shortage of labour. According to Pärna, workers are often bought over. “Market economy!” Pärna commented.

Tight competition on the concrete market

Pärna says that although competition on the concrete market is tight, E-Betoonelement cannot complain about how the company is doing. “By now, our spring is fully sold out and we are already selling the summer period,” he said. Everything is up for sale: concrete elements for apartment buildings, shopping centres and warehouses. “It’s difficult to say which product sells the most, because the Estonian market is very site-based. If 1–2 larger sites are underway, these constitute a big part of the entire production volume,” he said.

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