E-Betoonelement has started the process of production and delivery of elements for a new business and production building of Karl Storz Video Endoscopy Estonia OÜ.

  • Project: Karl Storz Video Endoscopy Estonia OÜ business and production building
  • Address: Pärnu mnt 556b, Saue rural municipality
  • Contracting Entity: Conviso OÜ
  • Serviced rendered: design and transport of elements
  • Product nomenclature: hollow core slabs, columns, SW-walls, partition walls and stairs
  • Project manager of E-Betoonelement: Toomas Böttcher

„External décor of the panels has been divided into rectangles by horizontal dummy joints to diversify the external appearance of the building. Dies that will be placed onto the bottom of moulds were used during the production of the façade panels to obtain differences in texture of panel surfaces. The use of dies with two different pattern, enhanced by smooth, unfinished surfaces, will give the façade a playful general appearance,“ commented Tõnu Ernits, sales engineer-project manager of E-Betoonelement.

Photo: www.maru.ee

E-Betoonelement will finish the deliveries in November; the building will be completed in 2016.

Karl Storz Video Endoscopy Estonia OÜ belongs to Karl Storz Group, a corporation that is a leading manufacturer of medicinal endoscopes and their components and repairs of endoscopes. The Group consists of 40 companies in both Europe and America. The company started business in Estonia back in 1994.