CABRO ™ agricultural unit to deliver their first silage storages in Latvia


In the spring and summer of 2021, CABRO™ agriculture and environment unit will build the first Aconsilo™ feed storages in Latvia.

Kaido Kindel, Head of E-Betoonelement CABRO™ Unit: “We have started cooperation with Latvian farmers and our unit is designing, supplying and installing its first Aconsilo™ silage storage facility in the village of Zentene in the Tukums region. In the second half of May and in August, we will install two more silos in Kakenieki village.”

"CABRO™ agricultural and environmental products unit manufactures modern and economical Aconsilo™ silage and grain storage facilities from concrete elements. It is a high-quality, slim and esthetically pleasing construction that allows you to use machines of up to 20 tons when compressing grass. Aconsilo™ performs its construction works are accurately and fast, and CABRO™ organizes the preparation of technical drawings and all the necessary construction work,” adds Kaido Kindel.

Aconsilo™ silage and grain storages:
- The silage storage can be built either at once or gradually, leaving the possibility of adding sections in the future;
- The elements are made of weather-resistant granite slag concrete K50;
- Element joints are filled with concrete to achieve structural interaction;
- The floors of silage storage sections are built with a slope of 0.5% towards the drain;
- The construction package also includes a silage juices collection system;
- The suggested thickness of the floor plate is 120 mm.

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Pilt: Vändra Suurejõe silage storage

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