AS E-Betoonelement endorses KUMU's art project “Afterlives of Gardens”


Kumu Art Museum opened an exhibition titled Afterlives of Gardens, which AS E-Betoonelement will also contribute to. A concrete installation "TABLE" that AS E-Betoonelement has provided elements for has been erected on the outdoor area of the exhibition, the former site of Estonian Academy of Arts, with the address Tartu mnt 1.

The "TABLE" consists of two STT roof elements that form a 56 meter long table when placed on the ground next to each other. The concrete installation brings life and creativity back to one of the most important squares of the city. Following the launch of the KUMU exhibition on 10 May at 00:00 a.m., the table is painted and additional benches will be built to accompany it. Workshops, exhibitions, performances, film and music events, picnics and parties will take place at the art object, which is intended to be a meeting and gathering place.

The gallery and the venue will remain open until September 9.

A longer presentation of the exhibition can be found on the website of the Art Museum of Estonia, which you can find HERE.
The project was also widely talked about in the media.

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