13 buildings will participate in the competition “Concrete Building of the Year 2010”


Thirteen nominations were submitted to the competition “Concrete Building of the Year 2010” organised by the Concrete Association of Estonia (CAE) and the Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia (ACMPE).

“This year’s competition of concrete buildings has been the least Tallinn-centred throughout the competition’s history,” said Mati Laurson, the Chairman of the Management Board of the CAE. “Our competition quite adequately reflects changes that have taken place in the construction market lately – the proportion of infrastructure objects and buildings financed by the state has grown,” Laurson added.

The Concrete Building of the Year 2010 nominees are the following:
1. Outdoor areas of the Estonian Road Museum – Varbuse, Kanepi Rural Municipality, Põlvamaa;
2. Residential building in Keila-Joa, Näkineiu tee 9 – Keila Rural Municipality, Harjumaa;
3. Residential building in Nõmme (Black house), Valguse tn 17 – Tallinn;
4. Residential building in Pirita, Vahtramäe tee 9 – Tallinn;
5. Office building of Jewe – Jõhvi;
6. Jõhvi Court House – Jõhvi;
7. Kersti Võlu’s Training Centre – Jõhvi;
8. Mäo traffic junction (Tarbija flyover, Mäo flyover, Vodja bridge, Valgma flyover, Valgma defence caisson, flyover of Mäo centre) – Järvamaa;
9. Reconstruction of the Kukruse-Jõhvi road section of Tallinn-Narva highway (km 156-163) into a first-class highway – Ida-Virumaa;
10. Science Centre AHHAA – Tartu;
11. Ski Stadium of Tehvandi Sport Center – Otepää, Valgamaa;
12. The traffic area of Ämari Air Base (runway, platforms, taxiways, waste water treatment plant) – Ämari, Vasalemma Rural Municipality, Harjumaa;
13. Business building, Ülikooli 2/2B – Tartu.

The purpose of the competition is to find and highlight buildings, the nice appearance and effective and economic realisation of which demonstrate the advantages and possibilities of concrete as a domestic material. Winning objects or procedures are those where the work of enterprises registered in Estonia and concrete materials delivered from Estonia have played an important role. Likewise, the professionalism and level of pretentiousness of the technical design and construction of the object, as well as its quality and innovativeness will be taken into consideration when choosing the winning object. The grand prize will be awarded to the author of the winning idea – the architect. The contracting entity of the object, technical designer, builder, and supplier of concrete products will also be recognised.

The jury of the competition held for the 11th time will include representatives of the Union of Estonian Architects, the Concrete Association of Estonia, the Estonian Association of Civil Engineers, the Estonian Association of Construction Entrepreneurs, the Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia, the Estonian Association of Architectural and Consulting Engineering Companies, Kunda Nordic Cement, and construction journalism.

“The jury will start acquainting itself with the nominees,” said Peeter Kokk, the Chief Executive of the CAE.

The winner will be announced at the 11th Concrete Day in March 2011.

Composed based on the press release of 13 December from the Concrete Association of Estonia and the Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia.

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