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Fourth element building of Sõjakooli Street is under completion, a contract has been concluded for the buildings of Sammu Street

Several element buildings with beautiful apperance have been completed in Tallinn through cooperation between E-Betoonelement and Nordecon. At the moment, the last of four houses is under completion at Sõjakooli Street, and by the end of 2019 three more element buildings with similar solution will be completed at Sammu Street.

Project: Four apartment buildings at Sõjakooli Street and three aparmtent buildings at Sammu Street
Address: Sõjakooli 12, 12A, 12B, 12C and Sammu 6, 6A, 6B, Tallinn
Client: Nordecon AS
Products: hollow panels, posts, beams, wall and staircase elements
Contract of AS E-Betoonelement: elements and transport (partially installation)
Project manager: Toomas Böttcher

Sõjakooli tn E-Betoonelement


Project manager of E-Betoonelement Toomas Böttcher: „In cooperation with Nordecon, already seven element buildings have been constructed in Kristiine City. In 2014-2016, first three apartment buildings were constructed at Marsi Street, which were nominated for the title of Concrete Building of the Year for their innovative solution concept of communication pits. Since 2016 to today, four element buildings have been constructed at Sõjakooli Street, the last of which is currently under completion. Furthermore, we have concluded a cooperation contract with them for another three element buildings at Sammu Street, which will be completed in 2019.

Grey relief concrete with imitation joints has been used in the finish of all buildings, which provides beautiful and original appearance to the buildings.

Our cooperation with Nordecon has been long and pleasantly productive. We know each other’s working style and expectations, and the mutual communication is smooth. There are always some unexpected situations in projects, but we have always achieved a suitable solution with bilateral contribution, good communication and care.“

Kristina Houses are well-planned functional buildings designed by Allianss Arhitektid. Homes with smart spatial plan, stylish design and modern appearance enable to enjoy greenery and privacy, while simultaneously a convenient transport connection is ensured with the city centre and other districts. Read more HERE.

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Elements for the apartment buildings in the Tondi residential block in the Kristiine district are designed and delivered by AS E-Betoonelement