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The business idea of AS E-Betoonelement is to provide the owners of buildings and construction companies optimal, high-quality and flexible building solutions based on prefabricated concrete products, and related services. We mainly operate in Estonia and the area of St. Petersburg.

Our building solutions consist of designed and assembled frame structures, stairs, facades, and roof elements. The resources of E-Betoonelement for carrying out our solutions include project management, technical design, manufacturing of concrete structures, and assembly at the building site.

Our objective is to fulfil the high expectations of our clients in terms of long-term economy, short construction period, and good architecture of buildings.

E-Betoonelement belongs to the concern Consolis SAS uniting the leading European manufacturers of prefabricated concrete products. Transferring the best practices of concrete building of our European colleagues enables us to offer modern and innovative solutions to Estonian construction market and make use of the synergy deriving from the private co-operation of more than hundred manufacturers. The objective of Consolis is to turn concrete construction into a known manner of advanced industrial construction that would utilise the benefits of modern reinforced concrete and plant production to enable client-centred and flexible building solutions.