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Roof element + wall element = BASIC HALL™

Roof element

The pitch, weight and thickness of the long and lean, high-tech supporting roof element are minimised. The length of the light-weight saddle STT-roof slab is up to 30 metres.
The shape of this element has been developed through testing, aiming for an optimum ratio of dimensions, mass and load-bearing capacity.
In the central part, on top of the ridge, the height of the element is 760 mm, whereas in some places the concrete layer is only 20 mm thick.
Load-bearing capacity is ensured by the use of stiffening ribs. The lower parts of beams have thickenings which conceal prestressing reinforcement steel.
The element is made of high mark concrete B70 that belongs to the fire resistance class R45 (up to R60). The 1:40 pitch ensures appropriate water drainage.
The width of modular elements is 2.4 m.

Wall element

Load-bearing external wall assembly is a concrete element produced at the plant using the so-called sandwich method. Its external surface is finished and the thermal insulation is hidden between layers of concrete.
The internal height of the wall element is up to 8 m. Its thickness is 300 mm, with 150 mm of it being the insulation material between two layers of concrete. The wall element receives its weatherproof surface coating, colour and structure, together with all necessary openings and special features provided for in the design, already at the plant.

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Additional information:

The key of flexibility of tbasic hall is that there is no need for an additional structure, a standard post-beam system that allows the floor space to be fully utilized. The roofing elements cover the opening formed by the walls of the wall elements on the fourth side of the building. Thus, a stable constructional structure is formed.