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ACONTANK™ containers

The Acontank ™ storage tank is made of reinforced concrete wall elements. Their production at the factory ensures the quality of the elements and the modular system, in turn, their operational installation in the workplace. The container is designed in accordance with the customer's needs (storage required, used handling technology), taking into account on-site conditions (soil load and embankment, groundwater level). The Estonian professional team has the training in Sweden and has experiences of years of constructing the tanks. We give a container a 5-year warranty.
The price of the container is calculated on the basis of the needs of the customer and the specifics of the project. It is possible to finance acquisition of a liquid manure storage facility for the modernization of manure economy through European support programs.

Advantages of Acontank ™ farm container:
- long-life (corrosion and leakproof);
– maintenance free
- Flexible installation: ground, half or fully reclaimed;
- Compliance with the customer's needs: Open or covered construction;
- Easy and quick installation.

Acontank ™ farm container capacity:
- Capacity 120 m³ to 9398 m³;
- diameter 7.4 m (10 elements) up to 44.7 m (60 elements);
- The height of the wall elements of the container can be selected according to the required storage capacity of 3, 4 or 6 meters.

Tanks and reservoirs:
- Used in 20 countries around the world;
- nearly 30 years of experience, Acontank ™ containers are manufactured under license (ABETONG AB, Växsjö, Sweden);
- A total of over 220 containers installed, with a total capacity of over 800,000 m3.

A complete solution- - The complete solution provided by CABRO for storing liquid manure involves the whole production cycle of the container:
- prior consultation, selection of optimal processing technology and technical solution in accordance with requirements and on-site conditions;
- technical design of the container;
- preparation of the construction site and construction of the container bottom;
- control of drainage with observation well;
- production and delivery of wall elements;
- assembly and connection leakage protection;
- Post-tension with weathertight coated steel ropes;
– containers warranty service.





The CABRO Division of AS E-Betoonelement belonging to the Consolis group, based on the license of the Swedish company Abetong AB, manufactures modern and economical feedstock concrete constructions, Aconsilo ™. Aconsilo ™ is a secure investment that will serve the next generation as well. Slender and a nice construction makes it possible to bear up to 20 tons of heavy machinery when pouring grass. Aconsilo ™ construction is accurate and fast and the repository meets EU environmental requirements. CABRO organizes workdrawings and all necessary construction work

- The silo storage can be built either at once or gradually, leaving the possibility of adding sections in the future.
- The elements are made of weather-resistant granite slag concrete K50
- Elemental joints are filled with concrete to achieve structural interaction
- The bottom of the silo sections are built with a slope of 0.5% towards the drain
- The building package also includes a silo juices collection system
– Põhjaplaadi soovitav paksus on 140 mm

Download: BROCHURE


Concrete elemental walls for warm pig- and animal barns and poultry yards;

- Portable 4.0 m high supporting wall elements for bulk materials and crops. Download BROCHURE

- 2.15 m support wall elements for solid manure storage. Download BROCHURE