Kliendid räägivad

„Kõige olulisemaks pean kvaliteeti ja E-Betoonelemendi kasuks rääkis parim hinna ja kvaliteedi suhe. Meid seob E-Betoonelemendiga pikaajaline koostöö ning see on olnud positiivne ja mõlemale poolele meeldiv.
Construction time and speed are important when building multi-storey buildings – an element house can be assembled very quickly. Elements have their external finishing completed, which means that there is no need for scaffolding or for installing insulation afterwards, and the panels are smooth on the inside and do not require a thick layer of plaster.
A complex service that offers design, manufacture of elements and assembly is the best option for the customer.” Herki Narusk, Construction director of AS TTP


“AS E-Betoonelementi iseloomustavad kolm märksõna: esiteks tootmise täpsus, teiseks tootmise kiirus ja kolmandaks paindlik igasugustele arhitektuursetele lahendustele. AS E-Betoonelemendi valisime koostööpartneriks just nimelt sellepärast, et elementide projekteerimise, tööjooniste valmistamise, elementide tootmise ja paigalduse saime kõik ühest kohast.


Urmas Kukk, elementeramu arhitekt ja tellija


“We chose a concrete building because we wanted to build once and properly and thus ensure the maximum value of a building in the future. Considering our industry, home appliances and home electronics, security was also an important criterion.
As building a warehouse is used The standard solution E-Betooneelement Baashall ™ , to what is further additionally compound an office building by the architect's vision. This allowed us to bring all the different units of the company under one roof. Increasing the work efficiency was one of the main objectives for building a new building.
We decided for the E-Betooneelement, because we think they are the best choice. E-Betoonelement has at its disposal the know-how and long-term work experience of an international parent company in Estonia. " Ardo Kraav, Elmaksi Hulgikaubanduse AS juhatuse liige


“Baashall™ is cosily worm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer. In the wood industry, it is important that temperature and humidity control is ensured. It is possible in a concrete basehall. 
We also attach importance to fire and deformation resistance. In the latter case, there will be no dents in the walls from the material transporting or pushing the snow in winter. 
We have built two production halls in Hulja, using Baashall ™ solution for the production building. The decision was facilitated by the design and assembling service by E-Betoonelement.
Investment in industrial buildings is large and the period for repayment is long. It is important not to save the last cent at the expenses of building a building, rather think in the long run, where the solution and quality are decisive. And they are backed by Baashall ™.“ Juhan Viise, Aru Grupp AS juhataja


“Oleme Tallinna külje all asuvasse Jüri Tehnoparki ehitanud juba viis Baashalli™.
Tänavu lisandub neile veel kolm, kokku saame üle 16 000m2  modernseid lao- ja tootmispindu.
Arendajatena peame oluliseks, et hoone oleks kvaliteetne ja meie kliendi edasine tegevus sujuks ladusalt.
Baashallid on hea lahendus seetõttu, et hoone väärtus püsib kõrgena ka aastate pärast.
Baashalli avarad pinnad sobivad eriti hästi tootmiseks ja ladudeks. Lahenduse pluss on selle turvalisus, kiire ehitusaeg on meie puhul lisaboonuseks.” Margus Haud, AS Kodu Grupp juhatuse liige, Jüri Tehnopark


We have used the E-Betoonelement Baashall ™ in our warehouse for over a year.
Why did we just decide for a concrete modular hall? The good reason were good thermal indicators and security.
The indoor climate is stable both in summer and winter, and the heat accumulation is good.
Baashall ™ is secure - you will not be able to run through a warehouse wall with a tin-opener.
If we were to decide again about which warehouse to build, we would definitely choose Baashall ™! “ Andres Tinno, logistikafirma Via Estonia nõunik


6"The owner of Estonia's largest Baashall™ from the construction of AS Smarten Logistics logistics Center:
The three keywords that characterize both Baashall ™ and a good logistics center are speed, freedom and confidentiality. The benefits of a complete solution are the rapid progress of the construction process, which allowed us to start our business early in the new building.
There are no "posts of the forest" in the new warehouse. This allows us to place shelves and passages according to our needs. It is also possible to expand the storage space easily in the future. 
Security and a good year-round indoor climate are characteristics of all concrete structures. We chose E-Betoonelement as it is the creator, which has the biggest production capacity of assembled concrete construction solutions, offering in addition to production both design and installation.
Probably the best solution for today's logistics business! " Mait Miller, AS Smarten Logistics juhatuse liige

7“To sum up, why Baashall ™ anyway? Concrete building is a permanent building.
Certainly, there is one important indicator of security and at disposal can save on heating and cooling costs.
A basic hall with a good indoor climate is the ideal solution for both in warehouse-business and for a manufacturing company with a large number of employees. 
Further, the possibilities of society are also evolving: if only recently the plastic furniture was purchased for homes, today the more durable timber and metal furniture is preferred. " Jüri Zoova, AS Overek juhatuse esimees